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Naked Nutrition Bundle Deluxe

The next step in your health journey starts now!

The Naked Nutrition Bundle Deluxe includes my highly rated “Look Good Naked Guide" which answers your questions on how to lose belly fat, how to read a nutrition label, how to count calories & more!! You'll also get 60 recipes designed with your health in mind!! Don’t worry about spending hours in the kitchen because none of the recipes require too many ingredients or too much time. This bundle will allow you to start making better food decisions which will lead to amazing results and help you look good naked!!

This is ideal for people who want to learn more about looking good naked and need a point in the right direction.


You’ll Learn:

The best foods for getting rid of back fat, belly fat, love handles, double chins & more!!

What marketing buzz words and triggers to avoid when you're grocery shopping. 

How to become an educated consumer so that you never have to second guess whether or not you're eating healthy and doing the right thing.

Fat blasting exercises that will help you develop the body you've always wanted.

" I just wanted to look good naked! I had no idea that I would be getting so much information!"

Tori Snider

Public Relations

“'I've been a personal training client of Justin's for more than 7 months. He gave me the Naked Nutrition Bundle as a gift and it has fundamentally changed my life!! My mindset, body, and spirits are better after reading the Look Good Naked Guide.”

Josh Ellis

VP- Yolo Board

"I had honestly never stopped to read nutrition labels until I got the Look Good Naked Guide. The nutrition label diagram gave me lot of insight that I'd been missing and it made the information digestable. So far I'm 32lbs down and I don't plan on stopping.”

Kashana Matthews

Full Time Blogger / Mom / Wife

Kin's Head Shot

"If looking good naked if truly your goal then the Naked Nutrition Bundle is a no brainer for you!”

Kinshasa Moffitt

Social Media Fitness Influencer / Professional Body Builder / Motivator